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It is common practice to install curtain glazing and high-performance windows to enjoy the refreshing views of the outdoors. But with high lighting levels inside buildings at night and high internal reflections of glass, this pleasure becomes hard to find, especially at home where maximum time is spent during evenings. This issue was the primary reason to develop a product with the lowest possible internal reflections, and that is how TruVision was envisioned.

Why TruVision

TruVision comes with extremely Low Internal Reflection, Advanced Solar Protection and High Visual Light Transmission. So now one can gaze endlessly at the magnificent vistas outside, any time of the day, or night.

TruVision is available in standard sizes of 3.5 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm thicknesses.

TruVision for Living Spaces

The importance of outdoor views in homes makes TruVision the ideal choice for living spaces. Since it can be used in single glazing, TruVision is just perfect for installation in windows. Being a high-performance product with low Solar Factor and U-Value, it gives the much-needed energy-efficiency expected from a cutting-edge glass.

The colour palette with pleasant and soothing shades of blue, green, bronze and clear, makes it the ideal choice to complement the various hues that already inhabit the living space.


TruVision is well-suited for windows, facades and skylights in both the residential and commercial building space. It delivers the highest standards of performance and is easy on the pocket as well. As a sustainable product, TruVision meets the benchmarks of environmental protection and energy savings, thereby aligning with wellbeing in the most holistic way.

Product Performance

Product Visual Light
Transmission (%)
Reflection (%) Solar Factor U-Value (W/m2K)
External Internal
SGG TruVision 45 22 4 0.44 4.9

In today’s architectural landscape of similar looking high-rise buildings and modern skyscrapers, it has become increasingly difficult to make a building stand out. A building needs to be a treat to the eye but it is rare to get the right combination of magnificent and contemporary in the way it looks. To address issues such as these, Saint-Gobain has launched Midas Gold, a never-before-seen product in glass. With a color that stands for luxury, prestige and brilliance, SGG Midas Gold is designed to illuminate any building and turn it into a timeless landmark.

Why Midas Gold

Midas Gold, with a lustre that matches the brilliance of gold, is the ideal complement to a dazzling building design. It offers the flexibility to be used as an SGU as well as a DGU.

Midas Gold is now available in jumbo sizes, enabling facades with large panes so as to ensure that one does not miss out on the view.

Midas Gold for Building Facades

Midas Gold has a desirable golden shade that adds to the beauty of a building. It lends a classical touch by draping buildings with a cloak of gold. Midas Gold is conferred with advanced solar protection benefits, due to the thin film coating. This coating reduces the amount of heat that will enter the building. Its low internal reflection enables great views of the outside from the inside of a building.

Applications of Midas Gold

Midas Gold is ideally suited for green homes, and homes going in for high quality single glazing. It is perfect for buildings that demand high energy performance in single glazing and also buildings that need best-in-class performance at economical rates.

Midas Gold can be used in facades, structural glazing, windows and skylights.

Product Visual Light
Transmission (%)
Reflection (%) Solar Factor U-Value (W/m2K)
External Internal
SGG Midas Gold 27 27 11 0.33 5.0